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Reader’s Letter: Armley Moor funfair – is it worth all this?

Dear Sir,

This is the aftermath of Armley Moor fun fair. 

We ain’t got much in Armley,  but now we’ve got even less,  at least until next summer.

Armley Moor is a little oasis of green. It won’t recover this side of 2019. 

Every year the fair rucks up the moor.  Not their fault we had a monsoon, but I wonder does it really bring that much fun or revenue to the area? 

Not a complaint just a thought.  

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  1. Completely agree! I presume that the fun fair has to pay some kind of fee. Perhaps it would be a good idea for our local councillors to make sure that it’s at least invested back in to the area instead of (most likely) disappearing into the main Council budget…

    • Hi Paul, Armley Moor isn’t council land, it’s held in trust for the people of Armley by a group of volunteers called the Armley Common Right Trust.They also help maintain the parks at Charlie Cake and Moor Top.


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