Concerns over council’s Kirkstall Abbey ‘theme park’ bid

Kirkstall abbey kirkstall
Kirkstall Abbey. Photo: Mark Stevenson

Concerns have been raised over Leeds City Council’s bid for a new events and alcohol licence at Kirkstall Abbey.

The application will go before councillors sitting on the council’s licensing sub-committee for a final decision next week.

According to a council report the licence would allow for the performance of plays, recorded music, live music, dance and the exhibition of films daily from 7am to 11pm. There would also be a daily alcohol licence from 11am-midnight.

But two local residents have lodged objections to the application. One raised objections over noise, parking and anti-social behaviour, saying Kirkstall residents were getting a ‘raw deal’ over events, adding:

“What is being proposed is truly a nightmare – almost turning the abbey into a theme park.”

Another resident said existing events were already proving a problem, adding:

“Drunks shouting and screaming as they walk home and litter dropping – plus, on one occasion we caught someone urinating against the hedge in our drive, causing stains, who then got into the car at the side of the drive.”

West Yorkshire Police also raised initial concerns over the lack of CCTV and the need to risk assess door staff, although the council has since agreed to meet those conditions.

The report can be read in full here. A decision will be made on the application at the council’s licensing sub-committee meeting on Tuesday, August 21 at 10am.

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