Comment: What possesses people to dump trolleys like this?

morrisons shopping trolleys
Photo: Simon Cullingworth

There are some annoying local issues that no matter how many times they get reported they refuse to go away, writes WLD editor John Baron.

It was frustrating to see the scene captured by one of our community reporters Simon Cullingworth this past weekend Numerous shopping trolleys dumped off Savins Mill Way near Kirkstall Morrisons.

The problem with dumped shopping trolleys in the Kirkstall area and, specifically, the River Aire, has been frustrating locals for years.

WLD has reported on dumped shopping trolleys in the River Aire on numerous occasions as far back as 2016. In December that year we even reported on some potential solutions put forward by Morrisons. But last year problems were still affecting wildlife.

And the problem persists today. Simon, of Bramley, contacted Leeds City Council over the scenes and then the Canal and Rivers Trust. Neither were able to help and suggested contacting the Environment Agency. Simon was getting passed from pillar to post. Someone needs to take responsibility.

As one Facebook commenter put it:

“Morrisons refuse to put pound locks on their trolleys. This is the inevitable result.”

West Leeds Dispatch is backing the calls for Morrisons to get on top of this problem and take responsibility for its property. The supermarket giant can’t be blamed for the actions of the idiots of this world but can certainly do more to tackle it.


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