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Campaigner’s warning over sign vandalism at Farnley Reservoir

A West Leeds water safety campaigner is asking people to think before vandalising and de-facing important safety signs at Farnley Reservoir.

Daniel Riley has been campaigning since 2017 for increased safety measures around Farnley Reservoir after growing increasingly concerned about a lack of lifesaving equipment around the reservoir.

daniel riley farnley reservoir
Farnley Reservoir campaigner Daniel Riley

Mr Riley, of Armley, has hit out at what he says is the ‘mindless vandalism’ of recently intsalled safety signs warning people of the dangers of the the water. He said:

“Yorkshire Water installed ‘cold water kills’ signs at my request. The intention of these signs was and still is to help educate people on the dangers of open water.

“Many people think swimming in reservoirs like Farnley is safe. But it’s far from safe. It can lead to

“Reckless acts of vandalism to water safety signs will not be tolerated.”

Mr Riley said that vandalism was a criminal act which would be reported to the police and also warned that cleaning and replacing signs was expensive.

farnley reservoir main
Safety warnings: Farnley Reservoir. Photo: Daniel Riley


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