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Home News Calls to protect foxes from poison in Bramley Fall Woods

Calls to protect foxes from poison in Bramley Fall Woods

Volunteers needed to help protect foxes and dogs in Bramley Fall Woods, writes Eleonor Smith.

WLD reported concerns in May that several dead foxes had been found in the woods near piles of pellets, which could be poison. It had led to concerned residents putting up posters warning local dog walkers about the pellets.

Now Let’s Talk Foxes, a Leeds-based volunteer group which supports communities to look after their foxes, are appealing for volunteers to keep an eye out for poisoned animals or spot any suspicious activity in the woods.

The group said on social media:

“We are looking for local people who walk or run in these woods regularLY who want to help protect local wildlife.

“We need more eyes on the ground who can be part of a small team checking for any pellets and dead foxes and reporting back to us.

“We are a small team dealing with cases across Leeds. We are trying to involve local people who can help protect their local wildlife.

“Please contact us if you can help.”

Let’s Talk Foxes can be contacted here.

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