Reader’s letter: Should ‘dangerous’ Broad Lane become 20mph zone?

broad lane bramley 2
Broad Lane, Bramley. Photo: Evie Whitaker

Road safety on Broad Lane is a big issue. Here, West Leeds resident Evie Whitaker argues it’s time for some radical action to make the road safer for pedestrians and cyclists…

broad lane bramley
Danger junction: Broad Lane with Upper Town Street, Bramley. Photo: EVie Whitaker

It is time to resolve Broad Lane’s road issues once and for all. The road is notorious for dangerous corners and careless drivers and is continuously causing problems.

Over the years it seems that there’s a huge problem with Broad Lane with cars and pedestrians after a series of accidents, evidently meaning much more needs to be done about the road safety.

With a current speed limit of 30mph, however, and with such a high number of accidents I believe this speed limit needs to be reduced to 20mph.

It’s not just speed though, drivers seem to ignore the zebra crossing on Broad Lane, disregarding pedestrians and consequently putting them in danger.

broad lane bramley 3
Speed cameras: Broad Lane, Bramley. Photo: Evie Whitaker

It also needs to be taken into account how much signage is around, with only one speed limit sign and one speed camera sign, surely more could be done?

More general warning signs are much needed to prompt drivers that they must be more careful and aware when driving around the Broad Lane area. An increase in speed camera signs could be a major deterrent for drivers who aren’t being as careful as they should be.

This is now an issue that the council must assess as a priority, putting the safety of people’s lives first. Investing money into new signs and enforcing a slower speed limit seems like the most sensible thing to do.

This idea should be considered with the Leeds Safer Roads Action Plan 2018/19 in mind, where the aim is to target specific poor locations and improve them on the roads.

What do you think? Have your say in the poll and comments section below.


  1. What about Newlay Lane between Leeds Bradford Rd and Broad Lane some motorists ignore the 20 mp regularly. Coming out of Hillcourt Drive is an absolute nightmare into Newlay Lane sometimes it’s like entering a race circuit.


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