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Bramley: Have your say on future of St Peter’s Church

Parishioners are urging people to help shape the future of Bramley St Peter’s Church – more than two years after it first closed due to safety concerns.

The church closed after a six-foot wide hole opened in the floor of the worship area. Safety concerns have been raised about the stability of the rest of the floor in the area.

Church chiefs have working with architects to draw up plans to carry out repairs and open up the Hough Lane church for wider community use.

The church’s plans for the building refurbishment and new layout will be up for discussion at a special ‘Plans for St Peter’s event’ from 10am to 12 noon on Saturday, December 15.

Members of the Bramley community are welcome to attend and have their say.

Church volunteer Vanessa Stevenson said:

“The plans are particularly focussed on the worship area which we’re aiming to bring back into use so that we can, once again, hold weddings, christenings and funerals, but also how the space might be used by the whole community – we need your ideas!”

Services have been taking place at St Margaret’s Church in Newlay Lane, which is also in need of repair.

The closure does not affect the upper or lower halls at St Peter’s and bookings for these spaces can still be made.


  1. Maybe Nick Knowles from DIY TV programme could help out and have it done in a week. Seriously, as someone who has lived in Bramley since 1963 and attended births, funerals and marriages , including my own, ( my marriage, but also expect to attend my own funeral!). I do want to see the church available to all. The community needs places like this. It is also a focal point for the whole area. Don’t let it fall in to ruins and become flats, shops or offices. Lots of people do fun runs, grow beards, have stalls which could all give to the fund, even if its only say 10%. Sellers on ebay can donate funds. I would like to help the church by saving it on its running costs. Not just energy, but all sorts of costs. Money saved is just as important as gathering funds. The church can contact me for more info. I can also tell you that the Hull Police raised literally thousands to re-roof their club house ( as it is not public funded) with the a scheme that would be available to the church.

  2. What is the latest news on this? I would like the church to be restored and reopened. It has long been a focal point for births deaths and marriages in the community. It has been there longer than any of us who are living at the moment, so we should make sure it stays a church with the added community section to keep the funds going.


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