Bramley Baths Gardens: It’s chive talking!



Chive flowers – a great way to add a onion pop to your lunchtime sandwich, writes Bramley resident Marie Millward.

Today’s Bramley Baths garden contribution to my lunch is chive flowers. They are easy to pick and pop into your pocket to liven up your next meal and come in the form of a purple pom-pom!

Chives grow in the sunny herb bed next to the path in the centre of the garden at Bramley Baths. They have been blooming away for weeks and the flowers are starting to fade slightly, so get your chive flowers pronto!

To harvest the chives pick the flower either on the stem or gently pop off the flower in the top. Simply crumble the flower pop-pom over the top of your food and the flowers will fall like delicious confetti onto your salad, sandwich, baked potato, soup – anything that would welcome the addition of a mild oniony flavour.

Check out Marie’s own blog, Dandelion Doodles, for more.


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