Bramley: A diverse community, Ernie Wise and a great swimming pool!

Bramley Baths. Photo: Courtney Harrison

Community reporter Martin Heaton interviews fellow reporter Iola Shaw about life in Bramley – and discovers an active community with some famous connections…

Iola Shaw moved into Bramley around 12 years ago and finds it a good place to live, within a diverse community where Ernie Wise was born and David Bowie’s grandparents’ lived.

Iola moved to Leeds from Scotland as a student and lived in Meanwood. After about 12 years she moved to Bramley (one of only two places she could afford as a single person). She says Bramley is a good place to live with a good transport system and a decent shopping centre.

Bramley elderly action
Community: Bramley Elderly Action

Both the young and old are looked after by BARCA (Bramley and Rodley Community Action) and Bramley Elderly Action.

The historic local swimming baths is a community led social enterprise and consists of a swimming pool, Russian Steam Room and a gym.

Venue: The Abbey Inn, Pollard Lane.

There are also a number of very good pubs, including The Abbey Inn where Iola sometimes walks.

Iola says the only downside to Bramley is the number of trains which pass through Bramley Station. There really should be more trains on a regular basis.


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