Bowling is back in Bramley Park – here’s how you can get involved

Bramley park bowling club 3
Lockdown return: Bramley Park Bowling Club. Photo: Simon Cullingworth

Words: Paul Abraham

It’s great news that crown green bowling is back after a year of frustration for the bowling fraternity in West Leeds.

This included the threat of closure of some of the park greens by Leeds City Council, which thankfully was reversed after pressure from councillors, players, sponsors and supporters alike.

Often thought of as an “old man’s game” nothing could be further from the truth, yes there is a 90 year-old player for Bramley Park Bowling Club and he is the perfect example of how crown green bowling can help keep both body and mind in great shape.

However the sport is now played by a vast variety of ages of both sexes and is one of the few sports where your gender or age has very little bearing on your ability to compete.

A friendly welcome at Bramley Park Bowling Club. Photo: Simon Cullingworth

The sight of a sprightly lady pensioner bowling a young male whippersnapper into bowling submission can be seen regularly. It’s also a lot of fun, is easy to learn the rudiments of the game and it is relatively inexpensive to join a club.

If fact there are so many positive reasons to take up the sport it’s not surprising that more people are being attracted to the sport, here are some of the reason why playing crown green bowling is so good for you.

Fitness – Crown green bowls helps moderately improve your strength (arm, shoulder and leg muscles), flexibility and endurance.

Mental Health – The game gets you out in to the fresh air and helps alleviate depression and anxiety.

Increases skills – Crown green bowling involves some element of problem solving skills and also helps improve co-ordination and concentration.

Improves confidence – Participating in a sport helps improve self-esteem and gets you out and about and meeting people.

Self-Discipline – Sports such as crown green bowls involves turning up on time and being organised by wearing the correct attire.

Social Interaction – Bowling helps improve social skills and being part of a team also gives you a sense of belonging.

If you can see how joining your local club could help improve your life and fitness and would like to give it a try with no obligation to join, then contact Bramley Park Bowling Club secretary Debs Sandles on 07931 182590 for details of how you can become involved at one of the friendliest and most progressive clubs within the Leeds area.

Paul Abraham, and his company, are proud sponsors of Bramley Park BC.


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