Armley school demolition: What could take its place?


The old school at Whingate in Armley is about to be demolished, probably to make way for housing.

Cash-strapped Leeds City Council says there’s no money to transform it into a youth hub or something similar – but what would YOU rather see the building used for? It seems such a waste – Armley really needs a shot in the arm. What could be achieved with a bit of imagination?

Or are you happy with more housing in the area?

Have your say in the comments below. All ideas welcome.


  1. There’s a lot of good youth work going on in the area and the last thing I want is some sort of white elephant facility like South Leeds Youth Hub is in Belle Isle. That’s been a barely used monstrosity which has failed to properly involve or engage local youngsters.

    What would I like to see there?

    Definitely not houses. The area’s densely populated as it is and we need sometying with a bit more thought. What about keeping the building and handing it to the community? They can choose to run groups in there and run events. a community centre like tyhe one at new Wortley?

    Just a thought…

  2. Ooh I know let’s turn it into a park! Or a community centre! Or let’s turn Armley into utopia!!!

    Truth is this is all pie in the sky and the council’s already made its decision.

    Nothing to see here, move along.

    • Hi Squidgy, it’s probably true. The site probably will end up being housing. Doesn’t stop locals talking about it and debating and – more importantly – WANTING to have a say on the issue though.


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