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Armley residents discuss speeding and traffic issues at forum

The first steps towards parts of Armley getting permanent speed cameras were taken at an Armley Forum meeting this week. Community reporter Josie Armitage reports …

The Armley Forum took place at the Armley Community Hub in the evening of 17th September 2019.  It was well attended by members of the local community and chaired by Councillor Jim McKenna (Lab, Armley).

Updates from West Yorkshire Police and Leeds City Council Highways on road traffic concerns, the proposed Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) mental health facility at St Mary’s Hospital and Armley Gyratory improvements were on the agenda.

Most of the meeting focussed on road traffic concerns, specifically speeding and dangerous driving on Stanningley Road, Armley Grange Drive and Green Hill Road. 

The local residents and community were very frustrated with the lack of progress to address these issues, especially after recent fatalities on Stanningley Road and the real risk of further tragedies.

Armley residents recently took part in a speed awareness day of action to highlight the problems with speeding in the locality. 

There were differences of opinion as to the success of this, with residents highlighting that these would be best carried out at peak and known troublesome traffic times such as 8am, 6pm and late at night.

Leeds City Council Highways updated that they had now analysed the evidence and traffic statistics, and these met the criteria for mobile camera enforcement. 

This would be an interim measure which would act as a deterrent to some traffic offenders. 

The current evidence and information do not meet the criteria for fixed cameras.  LCC Highways are making a recommendation for mobile camera enforcement in three to four sites in the area to West Yorkshire Camera Partnership, who are responsible for camera enforcement.

The outcome of the discussion was that the forum would support the collation of evidence for mobile cameras as an interim first step with the ultimate aim being fixed camera enforcement. 

Residents are requested to report instances of speeding/dangerous driving, including dash cam footage to the Neighbourhood Policing Team at West Yorkshire Police to build up a body of evidence to supply to LCC Highways to support their recommendation to the West Yorkshire Camera Partnership for fixed cameras.

The forum also support the reduction of the speed limit from 40 to 30 miles an hour.

armley gyratory revamp

Armley Gyratory improvements

An update was provided by representatives from Leeds City Council and AECOM on the open consultation regarding the proposed improvements to the Armley Gyratory

The public have provided their views online and two local drop in sessions have taken place with the opportunity for more detailed and feedback from residents and those who live in the vicinity. 

Feedback so far includes the need for all approaches including Wellington Road to be traffic lighted and improved routes for pedestrians and cyclists using the landscaped area in the centre to encourage people to travel into the city centre via these modes. 

The forum had the opportunity to ask more detailed questions and provide their views.

The public can give their views on this scheme online until Monday 23 September.

St Mary’s Hospital unit supported

Representatives from the NHS and CAMHS updated the forum on the proposed development of a 22-bed unit for Leeds for children and adolescents with mental health issues including eating disorders and self harm. 

st marys hospital armley Main Block
St Mary’s Hospital. Photo: Mark Stevenson

This unit would be built on the St Mary’s Hospital site and would revitalise the use of the hospital which has been declining. 

The unit would be locked. Parking would be on site for parents and carers. The forum support this much-needed facility.


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