Armley residents call for Stanningley Road speed cameras

stanningley road
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Armley residents are calling for speed cameras and a lower speed limit along the whole length of Stanningley Road.

Members of Armley Forum tonight backed concerns voiced by meeting chairman Cllr Jim McKenna (Lab, Armley) for urgent measures to make the road safer.

Residents also said they will organise a ‘community speed watch day’ where local people wearing hi-vis jackets join with police at the side of the road and monitor the speed of vehicles as well as help educate drivers about speeding.

They also discussed getting a petition together to call for the road to be made safer.

Cllr James McKenna Armley
Concern: Cllr James McKenna

Cllr McKenna said there had been at least four fatalities on the road in the past four years and added:

“We have raised issues with Stanningley Road over the years and are anxious to get a speed camera on there. I would like to see that whole stretch of road covered and want to see it all with a reduced speed limit.

“It is just not acceptable. It is a race track.”

One resident told the public meeting at Armley Library:

“Something needs to be done urgently.”

lou cunningham
Cllr Lou Cunningham

Cllr Lou Cunningham (Lab, Armley) added:

“I know it gets really tiresome but it’s really important people keep reporting the problem to the police. We know it’s a problem because we live here, but for it to register with the police we need people to report problems so they show up as a hotspot.”

The meeting heard Speed indication Devices would be installed on Hall Lane to tackle speeding there, and police will also be increasing patrols on Town Street.

Community speed watches could also be held on Wortley Road, Dixon Road and Armley Ridge Road – all of which were flagged up as having traffic problems.


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  1. For speed limits to work they have to be enforced.

    The limit in this street is 20mph, very few drivers observe it, most drive at (I estimate) 50 or more. Sometimes much more. These include council vehicles, utility vehicles and NHS delivery vehicles (not ambulances).

    I don’t know what the answer is. Road bumps don’t work.


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