Community invited to new Kirkstall sculpture opening

Rebecca Appleby Latent Power kirkstall

A new sculpture by artist Rebecca Appleby will be inveiled in the heart of Kirkstall on Friday – and members of the community are being invited to attend the opening ceremony.

‘Latent Power’ is a celebration of the rich industrial heritage and a symbol of the innovative spirit that continues to drive the Kirkstall community.

Ms Appleby’s work ranges from structural ceramics to industrial sculpture and experimental painting and draws inspiration from the continual development of urban landscapes. She said of the work:

“I’m absolutely thrilled to have a piece of public art displayed in my home city of Leeds. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Kirkstall community in researching ideas for the sculpture. The industrial history and heritage of the area is so rich we wanted to reflect that in the piece. I am proud to stand back and see all the ideas and hard work come to fruition.”

A striking yellow, metal sculpture, the colour has been chosen specifically to represent industry and construction from road markings to vehicles and machinery used in modern construction.

The design represents a deconstructed water wheel emulating the wheel that powered the forge that employed generations of workers in the local area.

The sculpture will be unveiled at 5pm Friday 19th July 2019 at Kirkstall Leisure Centre, Kirkstall Road.


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