Armley Junk-tion: ‘Let’s take wasted food seriously’


Armley Junk-tion is a food boutique and pay as you feel café in Armley which diverts food destined for waste and uses it to create delicious and healthy meals. Here, the Dispatch features a seasonal message from the Real Junk Food Project about their work:

As it’s our 2nd birthday at Armley Junk-tion and the festive season is nearly upon us let’s have some food for thought.

FOOD WASTE – this implies that we deal with food that is not fit for human consumption, this is not the case.

WASTED FOOD – this is what corporates dictate to us, as consumers as a whole, that by putting silly numbers on our produce we should throw it away and run back to their stores to put money into their pockets! On a whole this is what’s happening, as individuals we can stop this.

FOOD – this is what we’re dealing with, perfectly good edible food. It’s not wasted because we won’t let it!

Let’s take FOOD seriously because, after all, it’s probably the only thing we ALL have in common.

This post originbally appeared on Armley Junktion’s Facebook page.


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