Armley charity shop manager reaches out to would-be thieves


A newly opened charity shop on Armley Town Street was subjected to an attempted break in last night.

Personal Bridge is a faith-based charity from Pudsey where all proceeds go to help people in the community.

Thieves unsuccessfully attempted to break into the charity shop overnight.

This morning, Lynne Duncan, who manages the shop took to local community facebook page Armley Good Stuff and made a plea and an offer of help to the offender(s). She said:

“A message for the person’s attempting to break into the Personal Bridge Charity Shop late last night. Apart from now having to find funds to replace the window, we exist in Armley for the local community to help those with life controlling issues such as addiction/depression.

“If you are struggling with any of these and want to talk seriously please give us a ring on 07958 650837 as I am 100% sure that breaking into charity shops is not your number 1 career choice. X”

The admins of Armley Good Stuff would also like to thank one of their members who reported the attempt to the police and informed them so they were also able to make contact with Lynne.

Any offers of help much appreciated.


  1. Why break into a charity shop, madness it seems as if we have a new type of criminal in this area. Awful can we call them criminals or just lowest of the low….


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