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Are these West Leeds accident hotspots set for new safety measures?

A number of busy roads in West Leeds could be set for road safety measures in a bid to reduce the number of accidents, a council report has said.

Every year Leeds City Council highlights stretches of road which it believes may need work to make them safer, either because of high accident rates or following local safety concerns.

Six sites in West Leeds have been earmarked for feasibility studies to be carried out as part of the council’s Casualty Reduction Programme. The studies will examine what possible measures could make them safer and recommend what action the council should take.

The West Leeds sites earmarked for feasibility studies include:

  • Cardigan Road
  • Tong Road, at junction with Colton Road, Armley
  • Burley Road
  • Kirkstall Road, junctions with Woodside View and Burley Wood Mount – following two collisions with cyclists
  • Ring Road/Butt Lane in Farnley – following 12 collisions in five years
  • Ring Road/Calverley Lane/Calverley Bridge – following 10 collisions in five years

A council report said:

“In 2020 traffic volumes were significantly reduced due to the Covid-19 lockdowns and associated restrictions. This led to a reduction in casualties of all types, but it is
likely that these numbers will start to rise as driving patterns return to the norm in the later part of 2021.

“It is possible that there will be some fluctuation in trends as working and commuting patterns alter and it may be some time before definitive comparisons can be made again.”

Leeds City Council has identified seven priority schemes and the feasibility of 13 schemes across the city for next year’s Casualty Reduction Programme, at a cost of £678,000.


  1. The council talks about road safety, yet the roads are in a atrocious condition with enormous pot holes, crumbling roads. They waste money on yet more humps which are inverted pot holes and make drivers far more aggressive. They’re extremely dangerous for vulnerable road users. The councils obsession for ever more traffic lights, pointless too slow 20mph limits. The waste is crazy. REPAIR the roads not bodge them with a guy and shovel slapping a bit of tarmac in a pothole, stamping on it then moving onto the next, meanwhile the first vehicle over the bodge pushes the gloop out. Bodgeville.

  2. Yet again one of the most dangerous road junctions in West Leeds, Whitecote Hill / Broad Lane, overlooked by the old Broad Lane school, remains untouched. But it’s only Bramley after all !!!


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