AGM discusses Kirkstall Neighbourhood Plan progress

kirkstall neighbourhood plan meeting
kirkstall neighbourhood plan meeting

A group aiming to provide Kirkstall residents with more of a say over the future of their community will hold its annual general meeting to decide its future priorities.

The Kirkstall Neighbourhood Forum (KNF) was formed to prepare a Kirkstall Neighbourhood Plan, which gives residents better control over new development and greater influence over the spending of local funds.

The plan will also help to consider ways on how to tackle some of the major issues affecting Kirkstall, including traffic congestion.

KNF’s annual general meeting will be held in the Leeds Postal Sports Association Club, Beecroft Street. The meeting starts at 7.30pm on Wednesday 29 January, with doors open from 7pm.

There will be brief reports on finance, membership, public engagement, and on the progress towards the Neighbourhood Plan. There will be opportunities for members to ask questions on all these matters.

The meeting will also elect a Board, whose principal function is to prepare for future public meetings. 

The Forum is also a consultee for all current planning applications in Kirkstall Ward.

There will be brief reports on the Artisan application for housing on the former Kirkstall District Centre site.

Other major local applications include the “hybrid” application for foot bridges and public access improvements linked to the Flood Alleviation Scheme.

UPDATED 11.42pm: The wording of the first line of the second paragraph has been changed from ‘has been formed’ to the word ‘was formed’.



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