Mark’s history: When 321’s Dusty Bin was built in this Rodley chapel …


3–2–1 was a game show that was made by Yorkshire Television for ITV, writes Mark Stevenson.

It was part of the ITV schedules on a Saturday night from 1978 to 1988. It was based on the Spanish show Un, Dos, Tres, devised by Ibanez Serrador and was called 3-2-1 because it was three things in one – a quiz, a game and a variety show.

It was hosted by Ted Rogers, the star of the show however was Dusty Bin who was the show’s mascot and booby prize.

Dusty Bin and his Yorkshire Terrier, Dog Garbage, were put together in a converted chapel workshop in Rodley by Ian Rowley.

The West Leeds-based visual effects engineer, who also operated Dusty Bin on the set of 3-2-1 by radio-control, used cutting edge technology of 73 microprocessors at a cost of around £10,000 to build Dusty Bin.

It was said Dusty never once broke down.


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