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14 views of West Leeds and beyond from Bramley Park

Rodley photographer Mark Stevenson took advantage of the sunny spring weather and strolled up to Bramley Park, where he captured some stunning views of West Leeds and beyond

Here is a selection of his photographs…

1. Calverley

A view of Calverley from Bramley Park. Photo: Mark Stevenson

2. Holly Park Mills

You can pick out Holly Park Mills in Calverley. Photo: Mark Stevenson

3. Horsforth

Looking over towards Horsforth. Photo: Mark Stevenson

4. Calverley

Another view over to Calverley. Photo: Mark Stevenson

5. Morley

Mark says you can see Morley as you look southwards in the far distance.

6. Pudsey Parish Church

You can clearly pick out Pudsey Parish Church – and the Town Hall before it.

7. Pudsey

The view over to Pudsey. Again you can see the parish church and town hall, but if you look closely to the right you can just make out the green dome of the former Trinity Chapel/nightclub (Old Anna).

8. Rodley Fold

You can see Rodley Fold from the park, too!

9. Bramley Baths

Bramley Baths’ chimney towers above the Grade II Edwardian building. It’s built with 8,000 Kirkstall bricks and can be seen from across Leeds. 

10. Leeds and Liverpool Canal, Rodley

The Leeds and Liverpool Canal winds through Rodley.

11. Rodley

Views over the rooftops onto Rodley Town Street.
A slightly closer view of Rodley Town Street.

12. Woodside Quarry

Woodside Quarry, framed by Bramley Baths’ chimney.

13. Tinshill Water Tower

You can see Tinshill Water Tower on the horizon.

14. Swinnow

A view over to Swinnow. You can clearly see Rycroft Towers dominating the photo.



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