Will Farsley Town Street line markings trial reduce speeding?

Farsley town street
Farsley Town Street. Photo: Google Maps/Street View

Leeds City Council highways officers are considering having no centre line road markings on parts of Farsley Town Street for a three-month trial to see if the change improves driver behaviour, writes Keely Bannister.

peter carlill farsley
Cllr Peter Carlill

In a Facebook post, Labour Party Calverley & Farsley ward councillor Peter Carlill said that officers have suggested the change after observing improved driver behaviour when monitoring the recent road resurfacing. He added:

“You may have noticed that in replacing the lines on Farsley Town Street they have left areas without a centre line, apart from at junctions.

“This was inspired by visits to the area by highways officers during the recent works.

“Due to long-term concerns of speed on this road I had requested they look into any improvements that could be made to the road while the new surface was being done, and one observation was that before the lines were repainted, the lack of centre line had a positive effect on drivers’ behaviour.

“Average speeds were down, and in areas where traffic often has to give way (such as going downhill past the mill) drivers were observed to be more courteous on the uphill stretch, slowing down and moving more to the side rather than continuing at speed while others wait.”

Cllr Carlill added he has been to the road and witnessed the change in driver behaviour himself, which has made him “minded” to agree to the trial as long as it can be called off straight away if any difficulties present themselves.

WLD has previously reported extensively speeding on Farsley Town Street, highlighting calls for mobile speed cameras, the installation of speed indication devices and a reader letter calling for the street to be pedestrianised.

What do you think? Have your say in our poll below. Will having no centre line marking make for better driving or is other action required? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or e-mail news@westleedsdispatch.com.


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  1. Speed cameras could help with speeding on Farsley town street, the vast amount of traffic ignores the 20mph limit.also the double yellow line area at the side of the co op needs to be monitored more closely due to the amount of cars that park on them.Ilive on Richmond road, which seems to becoming a rat run for the Lloyds Bank complex.The20mph limit is ignored by 70%of cars.Whichid not good for residents and the school.


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