West Leeds planning applications – week up to 3 February 2019


This week’s planning validations include many trees to be removed or drawn back, changes to commercial buildings, a conversion to a House in Multiple Occupation, and an application from Greenside Primary School.


Retrospective application for a front dormer window
10 Laurel Terrace Armley Leeds LS12 2BZ
Ref. No: 19/00580/FU | Status: Current

Change of use from dwelling house (C3) to form enlarged dentists surgery (D1)/canopy to front, ramp for disabled access, new car parking spaces
97-99 Armley Ridge Road Armley Leeds LS12 3PE
Ref. No: 19/00368/FU | Status: Current

Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development for a single storey extension to rear and dormer window to rear
1 Brooklyn Place Armley Leeds LS12 2BT
Ref. No: 19/00328/CLP | Status: Current

Bramley & Stanningley

Consent, agreement or approval required by conditions 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 17 of Planning Application 17/01226/FU
Cubic Business Centre 533 Stanningley Road Leeds LS13 4EN
Ref. No: 19/00353/COND | Status: Current

Single storey rear extension
17 Ashby Square Bramley Leeds LS13 3BQ
Ref. No: 19/00349/FU | Status: Current

Calverley & Farsley

T1 Birch – Failed and to be removed as entire canopy is on the lawn. T2 and T3 Birch – to remove as both are in rapid decline holding large amounts of deadwood severe wounds at present base. T4 Oak – Dead to be removed. T5 and T6 Conifers x2 – Grown as one , to be removed as way too close to property. Worried that root system will damage property. T7 Conifer- At side of drive to remove as worried about root system damaging driveway. T8 Lime – To remove as surpassed , growing one sided. T9 Oak – to remove as surpassed growing one sided.
Colvilla 21 Clara Drive Calverley Pudsey LS28 5QP
Ref. No: 19/00507/TR | Status: Current

Single storey extension to rear
70A Carr Road Calverley Pudsey LS28 5RH
Ref. No: 19/00489/FU | Status: Current

Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development for a single storey extension to side
11 Highcroft Close Pudsey LS28 7JP
Ref. No: 19/00485/CLP | Status: Current

T1 Sycamore – Reduce the height of the smaller Sycamore tree by approximately 2 metres (around the old reduction point) and shape round to match. T2 Oak – Reduce the height of the larger Oak tree by approximately 3 metres all round and thin the remaining canopy by 20%.
5 Rockwood Hill Court Stanningley Pudsey LS28 5WD
Ref. No: 19/00370/TR | Status: Current

Single storey front extension; part single storey part two storey rear/side extension
8 Calverley Lane Farsley Pudsey LS28 5LB
Ref. No: 19/00326/FU | Status: Current

Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development for an extension to gable and dormer window to rear
32 Carr Hill Drive Calverley Pudsey LS28 5QA
Ref. No: 19/00305/CLP | Status: Current

6m single storey rear extension, 4m to ridge height and 3m to eaves
15 Chatsworth Road Stanningley Pudsey LS28 8JS
Ref. No: 19/00223/DHH | Status: Current

Detached outbuilding
15 Chatsworth Road Stanningley Pudsey LS28 8JS
Ref. No: 19/00234/FU | Status: Current


Consent, agreement or approval required by conditions 4 and 5 of Planning Application 18/06556/FU
Morrisons Supermarket Savins Mill Way Kirkstall Leeds LS5 3RP
Ref. No: 19/00519/COND | Status: Current

T6 Horse Chestnut – Draw back branches from street light to give 1m clearance to give better lighting to footpath. Crown lift over drive to give 5m clearance to allow vehicle access.
St Matthias Church Centre St Matthias Street Burley Leeds LS4 2DZ
Ref. No: 19/00526/TR | Status: Current

4.0m single storey rear extension, 3.3m to ridge height and 2.4m to eaves
45 Cragside Walk Kirkstall Leeds LS5 3LX
Ref. No: 19/00532/DHH | Status: Current

Certificate of Existing Lawful Development for a House in Multiple Occupation (C4)
12 Knowle Place Burley Leeds LS4 2PL
Ref. No: 19/00478/CLE | Status: Current

Attached dwelling to side of terrace house with detached double garage
16 Hawkswood Street Kirkstall Leeds LS5 3PA
Ref. No: 19/00322/FU | Status: Current

T1 Ash – Fell to ground level and remove all arising’s. G2 2x Sycamore & 1 Cherry – Fell to ground level and remove all arising’s. G3 Oak – Crown lift to provide 1 metres clearance from ground level. T2 Sycamore – Crown lift to provide 6 metres clearance from ground level.
12 Abbey Gorse Kirkstall Leeds LS5 3DD
Ref. No: 19/00124/TR | Status: Current

Extension to side of unit 1 to form an additional B1/B8 industrial unit
116 Commercial Road Kirkstall Leeds LS5 3AB
Ref. No: 19/00032/FU | Status: Current


Single storey side extension to form new annexe, dormer window to rear, new door to front NON MATERIAL AMENDMENT TO 18/00965/FU Introduction of Velux rooflights in the annex roof; . Widening of the dormer on the rear of the existing garage roof; . Omission of the new entrance door in the existing garage.
East Barn East Side Court Pudsey LS28 9ND
Ref. No: 19/9/00037/MOD | Status: Current

New industrial unit (B2) – NON MATERIAL AMENDMENT to 18/06842/FU – Change of part of external walling from render to profiled metal cladding.
Owlcotes Business Centre Varley Street Stanningley Pudsey LS28 6AN
Ref. No: 19/9/00028/MOD | Status: Current

Consent, agreement or approval required by conditions 4, 12 and 14 of Planning Application 14/06124/FU
Former Garage Site Harley Green Leeds LS13 4PX
Ref. No: 19/00369/COND | Status: Current

T1-T3-Sycamore – Reduce the height along the road by approximately 2 metres all round (around the old reduction points from previous works). T4 Cherry – Reduce to just below the old reduction points ( approximately 1 metre reduction all round). T5 Ash – Reduce by approximately 2 metres in height and cut back from the neighbours property to give a 2 metre clearance.
117 Waterloo Road Pudsey LS28 8LQ
Ref. No: 19/00358/TR | Status: Current

Single storey rear extension with raised decking area
The Coach House 29 Hough Top Swinnow Leeds LS13 4QW
Ref. No: 19/00314/FU | Status: Current

Change of use of existing offices to dwelling; demolition of existing warehouse and offices and construction of five dwellings
10 – 18 Bankhouse Lane Pudsey LS28 8LR
Ref. No: 19/00329/FU | Status: Current

Consent, agreement or approval required by conditions 5, 6, 8 and 10 of Planning Application 18/06019/LA
Greenside Primary School South Parade Pudsey LS28 8NZ
Ref. No: 19/00331/COND | Status: Current


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