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West Leeds: Metro announce July bus service changes

Metro have released details of July’s bus timetable changes in West Leeds, writes Keely Bannister.

A full summary of the main bus service changes in the Leeds area to be introduced on the 27th or 28th July 2019 can be seen on Facebook. Below are some of the significant changes in West Leeds:

The main change threading through the announcement is revised timetables to improve punctuality of services.

This is true of bus service numbers 4 & 4G, 9 & 9A, 14 & X14, 15, 16 & 16A, 35, 49, 86 & 86A and the 87 whether operated by First or Squarepeg.

From Sunday 28 July until Friday 30 August 2019, bus service numbers 16, 16A, 49 and 72 will be re-timed due to summer, school & university holidays resulting in less traffic on the roads. All services will still run regularly.

Some journey withdrawals will be seen on bus service numbers X14, 15, 86 and the 9 & 9A operated by First.

A 6.55pm journey will be added to the number 35 bus service from Leeds Bus Station on a weekend.

The 8, 8A, 8B Pudsey to Seacroft service will be replaced by an extended number 9 service, operated by SquarePeg.

The 11E Pudsey to Leeds via Swinnow and Armley service will be withdrawn and replaced by a new 81/81A service operated by CT Plus. The new 81/81A service will only travel to Leeds with the number 87 service, revised and rerouted, covering the lost journey from Leeds to East End Park.

Service numbers 4 & 4G, 11 & 11A and 80 will also see route changes.

The number 38 Sunday service from the White Rose Shopping Centre to Gledhow via Wortley and Headingley will be withdrawn.

You can view all the timetable changes and compare current and upcoming timetables by using this link.

Metro is the transport brand used by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, who drive the regions transport strategy and finances.


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