Pudsey MP objects to ‘green belt’ link road proposal

stuart andrew pudsey MP
Pudsey MP Stuart Andrew

Pudsey’s MP has thrown his weight behind campaigners aiming to stop a £64 million plan to introduce a new link road in south-east Bradford.

Stuart Andrew MP has written to Bradford Council opposing the plan due to its impact on his constituency, the lack of consultation with Leeds City Council and the fact that investment has been approved before principal details have even been published.

The scheme, which could cost £64.2m, is aimed at reducing congestion, improving journey times between areas of Bradford and Leeds and providing the infrastructure to unlock land for new housing development – with potentially 2,500 new homes to be delivered off the back of the new road.

But in a letter to Bradford’s planning and transport chief Cllr Alex Ross-Shaw, Mr Andrew said it was important to protect the green belt and urged him to reconsider the idea. He added:

“While I appreciate the exact route of this road has yet to be determined, I fail to see how this road can be constructed in such a way that it does not cut right through the green belt and directly into the heart of my constituency.

“There are also a number of environmental concerns from a pollution perspective, as adding additional houses and vehicles in what is currently green space is extremely damaging and directly contrary to the current climate emergency.”

Mr Andrew also voiced concerns about traffic issues around Dick Lane, which is a potential site for a relief road. He said the potential addition of new houses would put ‘a significant strain’ on existing infrastructure.

The South East Bradford Link Road would link the Drighlington Bypass to Dick Lane, with the route running to the east of Holme Wood. But the Save Tong and Fulneck Valley group fear the development could ‘irreparably’ damage the greenbelt between Pudsey and Bradford.

The group recently held a public meeting to discuss the proposals. Posting on Facebook, the group said:

“We have strongly objected to building of any link road through the ancient valley and protected greenbelt triangle that acts as a vital lung and only bit of countryside left between Tong and Pudsey (Bradford and Leeds).

“It appears that Bradford council continue to disregard local residents’ concerns and objections and are attempting to plough on with this regardless.”

Councillors in Pudsey and Calverley & Farsley wards are alarmed at the proposals by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) and Bradford Council.

They believe it could do irreparable damage to the greenbelt between Leeds and Bradford and could have far reaching impact on West Leeds if the road expands to also include connectivity to Leeds Bradford Airport, as is suggested in a WYCA report.

They are also concerned that as yet no consultation has taken place with local councillors in Leeds.


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