West Leeds families urged to join plastic free challenge by local group

plastic free me

Plastic-Free Me was set up in West Leeds last year and since then it’s really taken off, writes co-founder Harriett Meuwissen-True.

Plastic-Free Me is a not-for-profit, campaigning awareness group set up to address our current global plastic crisis.

With a focus on reducing single-use, disposable plastics that are often unnecessary, Plastic-Free Me works to spread awareness about our plastic problem and the devastating effects it can have on ourselves, wildlife and whole ecosystems.

We work to empower individuals to make positive change through our campaigns and work alongside businesses and organisations to find alternatives that are affordable, obtainable and sustainable.

For the month of June, eco mummy blogger Mamalina and Plastic-Free Me have joined forces with one common goal: to empower a generation of parents to live a more plastic-free lifestyle.

Wmma Ross (Mamalina) and the team at Plastic-Free Me have created the ‘Plastic-Free Parent Challenge’ to encourage parents to ditch disposable products, and integrate more sustainable practices into their family homes.

Focusing on a different area each week: Meal Time, Bath Time, Toilet Time and Play Time, the two organisations have put together a comprehensive guide for parents to follow, with a “do as much or little as you can” approach with the aim of showing parents how to reduce their plastic consumption from morning ‘til night.

Already half-way through, hundreds of parents across the globe have signed up and they’re giving it all they’ve got.

By 2050, it’s estimated that there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans.

Suzie Hall, of Plastic-Free Me, said:

“If we truly want to preserve our planet for future generations, we have to educate and share with children the importance of nature, and how to care for it.

“In this challenge, we encourage parents to get creative and reuse things they might initially throw away. When you take a step back and look at the waste you produce in just a week, it can be really eye-opening.

“The challenge is not a ‘cut out everything you can for a month’ approach, rather we have given parents as much information, help and advice that we can and are encouraging them to do what feels comfortable, so that they can make these sustainable practices part of daily life long after the challenge has ended. We’ve also tried to make everything as cost and time effective as possible – two of the biggest constraints for parents to lead a plastic free life.”

Emma Ross, of Mamalina, said:

“When you consider that nappies are the single largest contributor to landfill in the UK, I do think it’s time that parents take some responsibility to protect the planet from the global plastic crisis. The average UK household will produce one tonne of waste a year. When you multiply this on a country-wide and even a global scale, there’s no doubt that something has to be done.”

Through the power of social media, the challenge has brought together hundreds of parents across the globe: sharing, encouraging and discussing with one another their top plastic-free tips for family life.

To check out the challenge, search for the hashtag #plasticfreeparent and see the positive, uplifting and creative ways in which parents are setting incredible examples of sustainability within a family home.

Mamalina is an Eco Mum Social Media Influencer running a low waste household and passionate about eliminating plastic from the parenting world.


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