Watch: Bramley Shopping Centre campaigners sing carols to bring back benches

Bramley Shopping Centre protest
A festive Bramley Shopping Centre protest called for the reinstatement of benches at the centre. Photo: John Baron

Campaigners fighting to get 22 benches reinstated at Bramley Shopping Centre have held the final protest of the year – and given the centre’s owners a festive reminder that their fight will continue.

For the past six months, members of A Place to Sit have staged weekly demonstrations at Bramley Shopping Centre over the removal of 22 benches by the new owners in June.

They have taken their own seats to the centre every Saturday to “stand up for a place to sit down”. The site’s owners, LCP Group, said the benches had been an “obstruction”.

Last Saturday the group held its final protest of the year – but has pledged to continue its fight after the festive break. Watch some of their festive singing – with their own ‘benches’ version of We Wish You a Merry Christmas below:

Bramley bench protesters’ Christmas carols from John Baron on Vimeo.

The group said the owners had put eight benches back in different locations, but several were unusable and they had not been installed throughout the centre as they had been previously.


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