Volunteers retrieve 17 shopping trolleys from Kirkstall Goit


Four men involved in magnet fishing have retrieved dumped shopping trolleys from Kirkstall Goit during a Sunday morning clean up of the area.

The volunteers used strong magnets to pull out 17 trolleys – 16 Morrisons, 1 B&M – plus a Leeds city bike, child’s scooter and a chair. Over the past 10 months the volunteers have now pulled out a total of 50 trolleys from the Goit during three cleanups, plus many others from the canal.

One of the volunteers, magnet fisher Brian Woolhouse, said: “Unfortunately we could not retrieve a collection of 6 traffic cones and a road sign. With them being plastic they are not magnetic. If we had a boat we would have got them out. Sadly i don’t have a photo of the bike yet with made contact with the relevant people in London! to collect it. 

“We arrived at 9am before Morrison’s opened. There were trolleys all over the place, scattered all around the car park and the odd one on the main road walkway and not in the correct areas locked with a chain. I think they need to get their house in order.  

“Litter Free Leeds made us aware of the problem in the goit after they had done a commendable litter pick the week before.”  

WLD has reported on the problems with dumped trolleys in the Goit over the past eight years.

In March WLD featured the magnet fishers’ clean up of Farnley Balancing Reservoir, where they retrieved a pram, bike, pushchair and knives during a clean-up.

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