Public meeting will discuss future of Moorside Community Centre


A public meeting will tomorrow (Wednesday) discuss ways to help keep Moorside Community Centre in Bramley open.

The meeting will be discussing the next steps in keeping the community centre open and moving towards a new governance structure for those who dedicate their time to volunteer

Local resident Wendy Cockcroft said: “We need public support to keep Moorside open.We are making some major changes but need your help before we can move forward to the next stage .

“If we don’t get help from you Moorside could close. We are working hard to be able to keep going in the future so we really need you to come to this meeting, so please don’t let us down if you want Moorside to continue doing what we do for the community.”

The public meeting will be taking place at the community centre on Wednesday 29 May at 7pm. Local councillors will also be present.

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