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Video interviews reflect Bramley life in ‘How We Used To Live’ project

Bramley residents have been sharing their memories of ‘how they used to live’ for a community led project to provide an insight into people’s lives in 2021/22.

The Bramley Care Bears are capturing people’s likes, dislikes, favourite memories and opinions. The idea is to preserve these thoughts for future generations to look back on.

The interviews are being carried out by Care Bear members, who all live in Bramley.

The first two videos have now gone live on the project’s new YouTube Channel. Here’s an interview with Bramley resident Christine Riley:

Philip McConnell, from the Care Bears, said the group has created a list of questions they’d like to ask – and are looking for people who are happy to appear in a Youtube video to be interviewed. He said:

“The people we would be interviewing would get the chance to approve and select the questions beforehand so there would be no surprises and we would ensure that people feel comfortable at all stages of the process.”

The project is open to anyone aged 18 and above.

Anyone interested in being interviewed can call Mr McConnell on 0739 801239.


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