US TV show The Fixers comes to Newlay – can you help?

old huts hunters greave newlay
One of the old huts at Hunter's Greave in Newlay. Photo: Mark Stevenson

US-based reality TV show called The Fixers will be coming to Hunters Greave Campsite in Newlay later this month.

The Fixers follows a team of experienced builders who travel to remote locations across the world to complete life-changing projects, from bringing electricity to an orphanage to providing a reliable source of fresh water for a community.

The show is very similar to DIY SOS and goes around the world doing projects that benefit people of the local area.

Hunters Greave, in Newlay.

A spokesperson for West Leeds Scouts said:

“This is a fantastic opportunity to develop the campsite but we need some help. There are a team of construction experts coming over with the production company and we are drawing in local tradespeople who have volunteered their time as well but we need a few extra people to help.

“We are looking for anybody who would be willing to come and help with the projects on site. Whether you have experience in DIY/construction or not there is a job for everybody. If you can help out for a day or the whole build, your help will be appreciated. We are also looking for young people to get involved, we have aimed for half-term to make sure we can get plenty of young people involved!

“This is a fantastic opportunity for the campsite and we really need help to make the most of the opportunity.”

The show will be filming at Hunter’s Greave between 23 and 28 October 2021.

More details from Gavin on 07866 430278‬ or e-mail



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