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New installation features immersive underwater world in Armley

My Life with the Wave is a multi-sensory installation that combines projection mapping and sound art.

Inspired by Octavio Paz’ short story of the same name, Interplay Theatre has created an interactive and poetic experience that guides the curious-minded through an immersive underwater world.

Steve Byrne, artistic director at Interplay, said:

My Life with the Wave takes the audience on a lyrical and mysterious journey into the unexpected and gives them a platform to look at theatre from a different perspective.”

A wordless narrative told through movement and sensory exploration, the show is a tale of friendship and togetherness. 


4th October-8th October, 6pm-9pm

9th Oct and 10th Oct, 1pm – 8pm

Each slot is 20 minutes long. 


General admission £4

Concession admission £3

Tickets can be bought here.


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