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Autistic artist transforms Bramley Baths into pop-up art exhibition

Bramley Baths’ old steam room has been transformed into a pop-up art space by a 21-year-old autistic artist.

Josh Pedley-Cook works with Pyramid Arts and is part of plans to increase arts and cultural activities at the Grade II Listed Edwardian baths on Broad Lane.

The exhibition, which is the first event of its kind at the Baths, is running until Thursday, 20 June, from 10am-4pm daily and is free to attend.

Josh helping to set up his exhibition in the former Russian Steam Room at Bramley Baths.

Josh learned to swim at Bramley Baths and currently swims there every week with his mum. He is also a member of Leeds Water Polo team.

Josh said: “I chose my theme because it’s what I am really interested in, and I haven’t seen many other people do this kind of theme. I wanted to give it a try and it turned out I really liked it!

Some of Josh’s work.

“I like to swim because it really motivates me and I feel so calm when I am in the water. I hope this exhibition will inspire people to take part in more water-based activities. I also think it’s important people with a learning disability and other needs feel comfortable sharing things they like and feel proud of.”

Creative programme co-ordinator at Pyramid, Alice Clayden, said: “We’re really happy to be working with Bramley Baths and sharing our work with local people and visitors from across the city. We hope to continue working with the Baths in this great space.”

The Baths held a celebration pop up event on Saturday, which was well attended and brought lots of new visitors to the community led facility. It also featured some artwork by other Pyramid artists.

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