Two new deals struck at Farsley’s Sunny Bank Mills

sunny bank mills farsley
Sunny Bank Mills, off Farsley Town Street

Two successful companies have signed new deals at the thriving Sunny Bank Mills in Farsley.

The deals underline the renaissance of the former cloth mill site, where YTV’s Emmerdale and Heartbeat were filmed.

Graphic design agency ICM Creative have moved into newly refurbished offices at The Mending Rooms in the Sunny Bank Mills complex.

And SCRAP Centre of Creative Re-use , who have been at Sunny Bank Mills for five years, have signed a new five-year lease at the Spinning Mill.

Louise Lucas of SCRAP said:

“Before we moved to Farsley we had been housed in a cold, damp and inaccessible unit in Kirkstall near the River Aire. Although the prospect of moving to the Spinning Mill was full of huge promise it felt risky too, our hesitancy chiefly caused by uncertainty around whether we could afford the space, coupled with concerns about whether our customers would travel to this side of Leeds. That all seems hard to believe now.

“The space was everything we ever dared to hope for as our premises – beautiful, huge, with original features in abundance and plenty of room for growth and flexibility to try out new ideas.”

During the past seven years the multi award-winning Sunny Bank Mills, one of the most famous family-owned mills in Yorkshire, has been transformed into a modern office complex for the 21st century. It is now home to more than 70 companies, who employ a total of 355 staff.


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