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The West Leeds Dispatch Christmas quiz 2015

Have a go at the West Leeds Dispatch 2015 end-of-year Christmas quiz and see how much you know about our part of Leeds (or have remembered!) from this year.

There are 10 questions in the interactive quiz below. It’s just for fun – no prizes, just a warm festive glow if you get them all right! Simply click on the button below and get started. Answers are below the quiz – no peaking!

Don’t forget to share the quiz with your friends when you’ve finished!

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No peaking before the quiz!

1. Conservative – Alex Pierre-Traves 2. David Bowie 3. 52 4. 30 5. Yes, it’s true 6. Good 7. Pudsey Park 8. All Together Armley 9. 1904 10. Leeds International Film Festival


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