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The Farsley Cake Co: Popular business rises with new name amid cost of living pressures

By Connor Briggs

Farsley’s sweet and savoury bakery Candied Peel Cake Co is set to rebrand following a partnership with another company to tackle rising prices and take on more orders.  

The partnership will see the bakery join with Wendy’s Cakes and Bakes to operate as one, rebranding as The Farsley Cake Co. The high-street store will remain on Town Street, Farsley.  

Founder of the Candied Peel Cake Co, Steven Newbatt-Macdonald, said small businesses needed to receive more support from the council: “More financial support. After the Covid support ended customers have less money now and they’re spending less. It’s impacted on us, yet our bills have gone up.” 

The partnership aims to tackle the rising cost of living and to keep the businesses operating. Mr Newbatt-Macdonald said: “It makes sense because after Covid everything has gone up in price so much. It makes sense for two of us to go into partnership and keep the business open. 

“It offers the customers more selection, if there’s more staff here, we can do more cakes. We will be adding more products as we go along, we’ve got new ranges coming in. It’s going to be a new shop, completely different.”  

The Farsley Cake Co will relaunch on Monday, 8 May – the day of Farsley’s Coronation street party.

For further information on store details, visit the Farsley cake Co website.

The Candied Peel Cake Co was founded in 2017 by Steven Newbatt-Macdonald.

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  1. Whilst I have every sympathy for this gentleman and his business, is it really right that the council tax payers of Leeds should be asked to provide him with more financial support? At the end of the day we live in a free market economy, which is what a lot of people vote for, so this should dictate which businesses are viable and which are not. Having your cakes made by a specialist shop sounds like a bit of a luxury in the current climate.


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