Listed: New parking restrictions could tackle obstructive parking on these West Leeds streets

Bruce Lawn, New Wortley. Photo: Google

A £230,000 city-wide package of parking restrictions has moved a step closer to reality – and will include roads in Armley, Farnley & Wortley and Pudsey.

The council has approved plans in principle to remove ‘indiscriminate and obstructive’ parking on a number of roads – including three wards in West Leeds – by introducing parking restrictions, known as traffic regulation orders.

As the works programme develops, consultation on each individual scheme will be carried out as appropriate, a council report has said.

“The majority of the schemes in the proposed programme have originated from local communities, either from ward members, local residents or businesses,” the report added.

Here’s a list of roads earmarked for restrictions:

Armley ward

  • Bruce Lawn;
  • Tong Road/Oldfield Lane;
  • Wortley Road;
  • Moorfield Road.

Farnley & Wortley ward

  • Wood Lane;
  • Green Hill Lane;
  • Queensthorpe Avenue/Henconner Lane;
  • Tong Road;
  • Royds Lane;
  • Chapel Lane/Lawns Lane/Maple Drive

Pudsey ward

  • Smalewell Road/Station Street;
  • Chapeltown
  • School Street/Carlisle Road
  • Littlemoor Road
  • Robin Lane/South Parade/Radcliffe Lane
  • Ravens Mount/Hazelhurst Court
  • Kent Road/Broadlands Avenue
  • Mount Pleasant Road
  • Lowtown/Crown Place
  • Swinnow Road/Lane End
  • Swinnow Road/Welstone Avenue
  • Marsh/Uppermoor
  • Marsh/Wellington Grove
  • Waterloo Road
  • Wasterloo Road/Sunnyridge Avenue
  • Owlcotes Road/Owlcotes Terrace

The schemes are due to be implemented within the new financial year.

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  1. So basically, no parking in Pudsey then?? No worries, we pensioners can all buy mobility scooters to replace our cars (that’s if we can pass the new driving test). I’m sure the retailers in Pudsey will be well chuffed.

  2. Parking on Victoria Road Pudsey opposite Waterloo Primary school is shocking.When we ask people to move who are blocking our drive we get verbally abused.The elderly gentleman who works as traffic warden was physically assaulted a couple of weeks ago.

  3. Bruce Gardens definitely need restrictions, I live on Bruce Gardens and have for 11 years, also right outside a bus stop and on the bus route to Leeds city centre. I have motorists parking up outside my house as my neighbours whom also have cars, the motorists then getting a bus into Leeds leaving their cars parked up outside our homes from 8am to 6pm, when It comes to residents parking up out their own homes we have to park away from the street and walk home, also the ambulance service has not been able to get through the small gap from cars parked on either side of the road, the bin men have had to leave and come back later in the day because they can’t get through the small gaps left from inconsiderate drivers. I have also been verbally abused and threatened with the police by motorists for parking outside my house and because someone has parked behind me they couldn’t get through the gap with the car parked car opposite too.


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