Tackling Pudsey bus station anti-social behaviour ‘a priority’, say police

pudsey bus station
Pudsey Bus Station.

Police are targeting the bus station area in an attempt to tackle anti-social behaviour in Pudsey town centre, councillors will hear next week.

Members of the Outer West Community Committee will next Monday hear Inspector Phillip Gill from West Yorkshire Police outline action to tackle problems in the town centre and detail how they are trying to deal with issues with local youths.

A report by Insp Gill ahead of the meeting said:

“Over the last few months and since the lockdown period, we have seen an increase in Anti-social behaviour around the bus station and centre of Pudsey, resulting in arrests of local youths in September.

“In the last few weeks we have worked closely with the management from Metro and they have recently closed the bus station in the evening which has already had a positive impact on the ASB.

“We are aware that this hasn’t completely solved the issue and we will continue to work with LASBT and youth services to tackle the problems.”

WLD reported the closure of the bus station waiting room from 6pm each night last month. A sound deterrent for under 25s called a Mosquito will also be fitted into the bus station and used as required. The measures coincide with the extension of street drinking restrictions in the area.

Insp Gill said there had been an increase in the use of off-road bikes and quads in the Fulneck/Bankhouse valley and work with partners will continue to try and tackle the issue. Extra patrols have been posted in the area.

In Calverley and Farsley ward, Insp Gill said issues with off-road motorbikes and quads in the Calverley and Ravenscliffe Woods continue to decrease, but will continue to be a priority for the Neighbourhood Policing Team.

Police will also continue to target speeding and anti-social motorists on Bradford Road from Dawson’s Corner to Thornbury Roundabout, by conducting high-visibility patrols of the road.

In Farnley & Wortley, over the past few months there has been an increase in anti-social behaviour in the Whincovers, Butterbowls and Heights area of the ward which has resulted in the use of dispersal orders across the area.

Police are also monitoring St Wilfrid’s Church, which has been subjected to anti-social behaviour over the past few months.

The committee agenda can be read in full here.

The Outer West Community Committee is made up of nine councillors from the Calverley & Farsley, Farnley & Wortley and Pudsey wards.


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