Swinnow school pupils show enterprise to secure leavers’ hoodies

Dan Pearce from Dan Pearce Sells Holmes and Danny Peat from Synergy FM with some of the Park Spring children who received the hoodies.

By Barbara Glastonbury

Park Spring Primary School year six children have been raising funds to purchase their leavers’ hoodies.

In most schools the hoodies are received in June/July time when they are about to leave for the summer.

But Park Spring headteacher Rachel Horan said to the children: “If you raise the funds yourselves you can have them to wear as soon as you’ve raised enough to purchase them”.

They set about the challenge and now the children are excited to have their ‘Class of 2023 hoodies’ hoodies to wear every day – four months ahead of time. 

The children did the usual fundraisers but to speed up the process decided they needed to collaborate with local businesses. They were fortunate enough to secure donations from two local businesses, Synergy FM donated £100 and ICH Service Pudsey donated £250.

That left a shortfall of £500. The children came up with an idea and approached Dan Pearce Sells Homes and offered to wear his company logo on the sleeve of their hoodies in exchange for the £500 shortfall. They invited Dan Peace and his team into school and three of the year 6 children presented a really professional pitch which convinced them to pay half the cost of the hoodies, in exchange for their company logo on the sleeve.

There is much excitement and a real sense of achievement, so much so that the current year 5 children are hot on their heels and want to have their hoodies for the whole of their time in year 6 and have already raised well over half the amount needed to buy their own Class of 2024 Hoodies.

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