Swinnow comes together with community day in memory of MP Jo Cox


Neighbours from across West Leeds got together to celebrate their community and to share food and have fun at the Swinnow Community Centre “Jo Cox Get Together”, writes Damon Sugden.

swinnow community centre jo cox event

The event, organised by volunteers at Swinnow Community Centre, was intended to bring people together, help them make friends and raise funds for the centre.

A host of traditional events, dancing, a tombola, hook a duck and other games, as well as a table top sale were on offer. Free food and drink (for an optional donation) was enjoyed by everybody. All this was for just £1 per adult entry with kids free!

swinnow community centre jo cox event 3

Yvonne Allman, centre manager for Swinnow Community Centre, said:

“They’re coming in droves today, sitting out enjoying having something to eat…and then they go round the stalls playing games and a lot of them are staying for the day. Its a good turnout with families coming up with the kiddies.

“This is what its about; it’s a community centre. You look at the grounds and you can see the love and the work we do, I just want the community to be able to have the same appreciation for the inside as they do for the outside and enjoy everything because that’s what’s this is all about. If it was like this seven days a week I’d be one happy bunny.”

Many of the people WLD spoke to on the day had come from neighbouring areas such as Farnley, Wortley and Armley – they all commented that there was nothing that compares to the Swinnow Community Centre, or its family events in their own area.

swinnow community centre jo cox event 2

Yvonne went on to thank the SCC “troupers” and everyone who turned up to the event in support and donated their time to make their “Jo Cox Get Together” a success – Jean (raffle), Tania (kitchen maid), Sue (tombola), Terry (bbq), Diane (kitchen & hoop game), Jane (2p game), Janet (tea/coffee maker), Alison (goodies table), Michael (hook a duck game owner), Pauline (at the gate), Richard (set up & clear up) and Danuta (stuffed dog carrier).

The event raised a whopping £420 and will help to further support the important work of the centre for the wider Swinnow and West Leeds community.

Funding for the event was provided by £212 raised by Pudsey Constituency Labour Party at Pudsey Carnival, and £50 contribution from each of Pudsey Councilllors Mark Harrison, Trish Smith and Simon Seary from their MICE fund. This has meant that all money raised on the day goes directly to supporting the work of the Community centre.

All event information for Swinnow Community Centre can be found on their Facebook page, with regular updates.

Anyone wishing to contribute, volunteer or book events at the centre can contact centre manager Yvonne Allman on


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