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Support community journalism and join West Leeds Dispatch community quiz night

Quiz night fun at The Abbey Inn. Photo: Simon Cullingworth

Do you see yourself as a quiz-night king or queen? Here’s your chance to join other members of the community for some fun at the West Leeds Dispatch Community Quiz Night!

There’ll be some great prizes and some grub at half-time too.

All monies raised will help us to continue to fund community journalism in West Leeds.

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Join us on Wednesday, 20 November 2019 at The Abbey Inn, Pollard Lane, Newlay.

Venue: The Abbey Inn, Pollard Lane, Bramley.

Entrance is £1 per person with a maximum of four in a team.

Gather from about 7.30pm. Quiz starts at 8pm. Quiz mistress will be Dispatch board member Jill Stocks. All welcome!

Quizmistress: Jill Stocks. Photo: Simon Cullingworth

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