Stanningley Park Bowling Club has activities planned to attract new members

Alyssa and Andy enjoying their bowls in Stanningley. Photo: John Baron/westleedsdispatch

By Raodot Olayiwola

Stanningley Park Bowling Club is calling for the people to revive crown green bowling as a community activity. Crown green bowling is an activity that has been a lifeline to many people, especially the elderly.

Leeds City Council suggested closing half of the 40 bowling greens in Leeds parks in 2020, but the decision was made to keep them open.

The most recent event to look out for is the social bowling opening morning on Saturday, 21 May from 10.30am to 12.30pm. The bowling green and club house will be open to all with equipment available to loan. 

Another event to look forward to is the Bowls Big Weekend event. The event will take place on Sunday, 29 May from 11am to 3pm. It is a free family event with refreshments, a raffle, and a friendly competition. 

WLD reported in February that Alyssa Randall and Andy Marshall, a couple in their 30s, were looking to encourage more people to take up the activity. Alyssa said at the time:

“I realise that most people might see crown green bowling as just a dull hobby for retired people, but it would be a shame to let the heritage and history of the game just disappear without giving it a chance to thrive again.” 

The couple is on a mission to encourage more people, both old and young to participate in the activity to keep this sport alive.

Alyssa added: “There are so many benefits of the game as it is suitable for ages eight to 80+. It requires very little equipment, is low cost, is quick to learn and quite importantly at the moment is very covid safe due to it being outdoors and naturally socially distanced.” 

The bowling club also have other community events planned, including an event for the Queen’s platinum jubilee.

More information about the events and other updates can be found on the Stanningley Park Bowling Club Facebook page.


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