Stanningley boxer Conor Doherty prepares for next bouts

Boxer Conor Doherty in action.

By James Bovington

After an unwelcome 11-month period of inactivity Stanningley boxer Conor Doherty now finds himself on two professional boxing shows a fortnight apart

The first is being held at the Rainton Arena in Durham on 21 October followed by a second bout two weeks later on 4 November at Middlesbrough’s Eston Leisure Centre.

“It’s a bit mind-boggling really,” said Doherty. “After 11 months with cancelled shows and opponents being pulled out at the last minute now to have two bouts arranged so close together. But I’m delighted. I can’t wait to get back in the ring and show everyone just what I’ve been working on and prove that hopefully I have become even more of a skilful, talented boxer.”

Doherty, who turns 26 shortly, trains at Camp Detox in Wortley under former professional boxer Danny Thornton but doesn’t yet earn enough from boxing to stop working in the family business. He has won all five bouts staged at Elland Road but lost fighting in Scotland at short notice last year. “A valuable learning experience,” was Doherty’s verdict.

Like other determined young contenders Doherty is ambitious. “I’m now getting two longer, harder fights to show everyone exactly what I can do. I’m committed to making a career out of boxing. The sport can benefit everyone as it’s an excellent way to improve fitness helping people mentally or physically. I know I’ve lots of potential but just need the opportunity to prove it.”

Opponents frequently change at short notice but Doherty is presently scheduled to box in his first six-round match against undefeated north-east local Tommy Hodgson in Durham and then have a second six-round fight in Middlesbrough against Kai Richmond.

“These fights will be challenging,” added Doherty. “But we boxers are a tough breed. That’s the point of it, proving yourself.’”


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