Dad’s marathon effort to raise cash towards finding cure for daughter, eight

Steven Lightfoot with his daughter Zoe

A Bramley dad is appealing for people to support his fundraising efforts to help find a cure for the life-limiting condition his daughter has.

As previously reported by WLD, eight-year-old Zoe Lightfoot developed normally as a baby, but never managed to walk independently. At age two this was considered to be due to hypermobile joints and lack of confidence.

Soon after her second birthday there were clear signs of losing skills. An MRI showed cerebellar atrophy, the part of the brain that controls coordination and balance had developed normally and then shrivelled. Blood tests diagnosed Zoe with INAD at just two and a half years old.

Since then, Zoe has continued to lose skills. She is now non verbal and is tube fed. She has lost head control, and is unable to move without help. She struggles to manage secretions and suffers from stiffness and spasms in her muscles.

Children with Infantile Neuroaxonal Dystrophy have a life expectancy of five to ten years

Dad Steven Lightfoot is planning to run the Yorkshire Marathon in York tomorrow (Saturday, 14 October 2023) for Zoe and raising money to help find a cure through INAD UK, the Leeds-based national charity he helped set up.

He said: “Please donate to help cure INAD, the terrible life limiting disease that my daughter Zoe has. There are gene therapy trials for INAD planned that could stop this terrible disease, as they have for other similar conditions. Please donate to help cure INAD.”

Steve also ran the Leeds marathon this year for the same cause.

Donations and more information can be made here.


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