Armley: How £222,000 will improve fire safety at St Bartholomew’s Primary School


Plans to make St Bartholomew’s C of E Voluntary Controlled Primary School safer if a fire breaks out have been given the green light by Leeds City Council bosses.

The £222,000 ‘fire stopping’ works are part of an £11.4 million package of vital school improvements identified across the city.

A report seen by The Dispatch accepts the tender supplied by Leeds Building Services (LBS) to carry out the work. It adds:

“There will be no impact on the community requiring engagement or consultation. There will, however, be some work will be undertaken outside of normal working hours and by adhering to strict management regimes we will ensure that this work does not disturb local residents. “


The spread of fire can be restricted by sub-dividing buildings into a number of compartments, a device called ‘fire stopping’. These fire compartments are separated from one another by walls and floors made of a fire-resisting construction which hinders the spread of fire from one compartment to another.

The report can be read in full here or below:

St Bartholomews School Armley Fire Safety measures by John Baron on Scribd


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