Kirkstall: New skatepark may boost Hawksworth Wood youngsters


A new concrete skatepark could give bored youngsters on a Kirkstall estate a much-needed boost.

The new skatepark, which featured a wide array of ramps and jumps for skateboarders, could be located off Cragside Walk, near Abbey Road, if a planning application is approved.

Image: Google Maps

A report submitted by applicant Groundwork Leeds, an environmental charity, said:

“This will create a much needed facility for the younger generation of the Hawksworth Woods residents and the wider community who will have unrestricted access to it.

“Care has been taken to locate the proposed skate park as far away as possible from the houses that face on to Cragside Park. The location is currently an area of amenity grass so the provision of a skate park in that location will not compromise the existing playground and other recreational facilities.”

A new footpath will join the skatepark to the existing play area.

A fun day and consultation event with potential users was held this summer.

The project has been developed by Leeds City Council’s parks and countryside department in partnership with HAVA (Hawksworth Wood, Abbeydales and Vespers Association) and Groundwork Leeds.

The plans can be seen in full – and commented upon – here.


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