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Six things we learned at Armley Forum last night

More than 15 people attended the latest Armley Forum public meeting last night.

Here’s what we learned from the bi-monthly meeting, which was held in Armley Community Hub, on Stocks Hill.

1. A new scheme to regenerate Armley Town Street

A £2.9m scheme to help regenerate Armley Town Street has received funding and would involve the partial pedestrianisation of Armley Town Street. But some weren’t happy with an apparent lack of consultation over the plans. Full story here.

    2. Community ‘extravaganza’ planned

    A cultural ‘Armley Extravaganza’ to bring the people of Armley and New Wortley together as part of the Leeds 2023 year of culture was announced at the meeting. Check out the full story here.

    3. Concerns expressed over flats problems

    Local residents expressed concerns over problems in some of Armley’s tower blocks. One resident spoke about ‘weeds as tall as shrubs’, blocked drains and homeless people in the stairwell. He said ‘the presentation is deteriorating’ and added about drug dealing: “I might as well sit there with popcorn as it is like crackhead street at the moment.”

    The issues were raised with Armley housing manager Paul Hodges, who attended the forum meeting.

    4. Planters are looked after

    Thanks to wellbeing funding, Armley Action Team (AAT) has brought some of the planters on Town Street back to life through fresh planting. Fran Graham from AAT thanked local independent traders, as well as the larger chains, for adopting them and watering them.

    5. Complaints over bikes on pavements

    One man made complaints about bicycles and e-bikes on pavements on Town Street, labelling them a ‘menace’. The forum said the issue would be discussed with police at the next meeting and chair Cllr Jim McKenna agreed to write to police for an answer on how they plan to tackle the issue.

    6. Next meeting

    Armley Forum’s next meeting is Tuesday, 19 September at Armley Community Hub (7pm). All welcome to attend.


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