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Santa kicks off nine-day Christmas sleigh tour around Pudsey streets

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Pudsey!

Today (Monday, 14 December) marks the start of the nine-day Pudsey Christmas Lights Santa Tour 2020 around the streets of Pudsey, Swinnow and Tyersal.

The tour starts at 5pm each night and finish at around 7pm until Tuesday, December 22.

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Pudsey councillor Simon Seary shared the information on Facebook. His post read:

“Our Elf and Safety Officers have worked very closely with Santa’s team to make sure he can visit as much of Pudsey, Swinnow and Tyersal as possible, but if he is unable to come down your street because maybe it’s too narrow or there isn’t room for him to turn around then please do go to a neighbouring street… but remember to respect social distancing and to stick to your family bubbles or groups of six people.

“As this is a new route Santa isn’t sure just how long it is going to take, we will be starting at 5pm each night and anticipate to finish around 7pm, but his team will be keeping in close contact with us so we can post regular updates on when he can be expected…so keep an eye on the Pudsey Christmas Lights Facebook Page.”

This is the daily route:

The official route around Pudsey and Swinnow. Image: Pudsey Christmas Lights
  • Today – Monday 14th: Day 1: Tyersal.
  • Tuesday 15th: Day 2: Victorias, Waterloo, Cemetery Road.
  • Wednesday 16th: Day 3: Kent Road, Acres Hall, Troydale.
  • Thursday 17th: Day 4: Pudsey Centre, Valley Road.
  • Friday 18th: Day 5: Uppermoor, Westroyd, Smalewell.
  • Saturday 19th: Day 6: Hough Top, Priestleys, Rycrofts.
  • Sunday 20th: Day 7: Highfield Road, Standale Avenue, Thorpe Road, Mount Pleasant Road, Richardshaw Lane,
  • Monday 21st: Day 8: Swinnow Community Centre, Harley Drive, Wellstones
  • Tuesday 22nd: Day 9: Fartown, Southroyd, Littlemoor, Roker Lane.


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