Rodley Park is blooming great – here’s how you can make it even better


Rodley Park has looked fantastic this year and won a silver gilt in the ‘Yorkshire in Bloom awards, writes PAUL HEATON.

In spring our group, Rodley Village Community Group, sowed wild flower seeds and after a slow start due to the dry weather at the time they flourished and made a great display of different coloured wild flowers.
In order to enhance the spring display of crocus and daffodils the Group will again be planting these bulbs. 

The planting will take place at 10am on Saturday 21 October (providing the weather is suitable) and if anybody would like to get involved please come along to help. 

For any more information please ring 0113 2290767. 

You will see the results of your labours in spring! 
Rodley Village Community Group puts on various events for the people of Rodley throughout the year.






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