Rodley: Detailed plans for 66 homes submitted at Airedale Mills site

rodley airedale mills plans
The swing bridge at Airedale Mills in Rodley is being replaced. Photo: Google

Words: John Baron

Detailed plans to build 66 new homes on the former Airedale Mills site in Rodley have been submitted by developers.

The site, off Moss Bridge Road and Rodley Town Street, has been empty since the 1970s and is bordered by Leeds-Liverpool Canal and the River Aire.  

The detailed proposals include the layout, scale, appearance and landscaping. They include a range of housing types, including semi-detached, detached and small groups of terraced dwellings, in addition to a four-storey apartment building.

A total of 10 affordable homes are proposed, which would be a mix of one and two-bed apartments and a mix of two and three-bed houses.

A planning statement accompanying the application to Leeds City Council says:

“The design team have proposed a viable residential development that makes a positive contribution to the wider settlement. A considered approach to housetypes, movement, natural features and the context of the site ensure a high quality living environment for new residents.”

The plans can be viewed in full here.

Dynamic Capital and Investments already has outline planning permission for the site, which includes replacing the swing bridge and carrying out road works to ensure access to the former woollen mill site.

The work on the bridge and road is due to start in January and will likely lead to the temporary closure of neighbouring Rodley Nature Reserve.


  1. Has this proposed site ever been flooded,the Nature Reserve has,and it is right on the doorstep.
    If it has do the plans show what the developers plan to avoid this happening?
    What facilities are nearby shops,schools,doctors?
    Or is this another housing estate where the developer makes a lot of money and then moves on into the sunset?

  2. If rodley isn’t bad enough with traffic jams causing pollution 66 more houses means at least 132 more cars to deal with and also lack of fercilities rodley won’t be a village anymore it will be polluted place where no one will want to be

  3. Here here I agree with comments above more traffic at Rodley queuing to get onto ring rd it’s already bad enough here during rush hour am & pm without adding a potential extra 120+ cars at this one new housing site !! All LCC seem to want to do is ruin the character of this area and drive up house prices and traffic levels in the area as such causing massive pollution due to standing / queuing traffic it’s all up the ring rd from Pudsey to Horsforth Evey day queuing traffic 730-9am and again in afternoon 3pm-6pm

  4. As this is so close to the river and canal it is on the flood plain and the potential for flooding is a very strong possibility. Leave it for nature as it will cause so much disruption to Rodley Nature Reserve and surrounding area. Surely it doesn’t make sense to build homes on it.


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