Residents urged to get involved in Wortley Beck clean-up

Wortley Beck

A litter-picking campaigner is urging people to take part in a community clean-up to help tidy around Wortley Beck, which ‘is in a terrible state’.

Peter Allison is the leading light behind the Farnley Litter Pickers group, which was set up a few months ago to tackle problems with litter, which blights the area. He said:

“For most who have grown up in the area, Wortley Beck will hold memories – whether that is walking the trail or swinging out over the beck on the risky looking piece of rope or even having a paddle at some point!

“The grounds around the beck are in a terrible state and I’m looking for a mass gathering to clean up the area and restore it to its former glory. The general meeting point would be at the Butterbowl Pub where we can then make our way down to the ring road and then divide into groups the tackle it.”

Equipment will be provided and the clean-up will take place on Wednesday 17 November 2021 from 10.30am-2pm. More details here.


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